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Payment for Sexual Conduct M.G.L. c. 272 § 53A

Case Conclusion Date: 07.19.2012

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Case Dismissed.

Description: The client, a 51 year old businessman, was arrested for sexual conduct for a fee after police observed a known prostitute walk up to the passenger side of the Client’s motor vehicle and get in. A prostitute (also called hooker, whore, ho, street walker, or escort) is a person who has sex with people for money. According to the police report filed in the case, the police believed that an act of prostitution was about to occur so they followed the motor vehicle and when it came to a stop and neither occupant exited the vehicle; they pulled their cruiser behind the vehicle and observed the Client with his pants down with his genitals exposed. The client hired Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Steven J. Topazio to defend him. According to the police report, statements were made by both the Client and prostitute that $20.00 was paid for oral sex. Engaging in sexual conduct for a fee is a crime. Both the customer (also referred to as a john) and the prostitute can be charged with a crime provided there is evidence that the customer paid or offered to pay another person to engage in some form of sexual conduct. In order to be convicted of this crime some commercial transaction must be involved. Today, Attorney Topazio convinced the prosecution and the court to dismiss the charge against his client on court costs. Contact Attorney Topazio online today by visiting or call 617-422-5803 to schedule a free consultation.

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