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Attorney Yannetti wins acquittal in domestic assault case

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Not Guilty Verdict

Description: Client, a 24 year-old college graduate, was charged with assault and battery as a result of an alleged fight with his ex-girlfriend while they were both still in college last January. When the police arrived on scene, his ex-girlfriend was bawling outside Client's apartment building. She reported that Client had smashed her cellphone, then grabbed and pushed her to the ground. Client, seeking a job in the financial industry, would have had his career prospects devastated by a conviction. Attorney Yannetti schedules the case for a jury trial. During the trial, which began yesterday, Attorney Yannetti cross-examines Client's ex-girlfriend and exposes her as a liar. Today, after two full days of trial, the jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty. Result: Not Guilty Verdict after a Jury Trial.

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