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David J McMorris

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  • Massachusetts Workers Compensation Procedures

    DIA Procedures: Three StepsAfter receiving a claim, the DIA follows a three step procedure involving a conciliation session, a conference and a hearing. Conciliation The first step in a case contested by the insurer is called conciliation. Conciliation is an effort to settle the ...

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  • Massachusetts Workers' Compensation Claim Filing and Offices

    Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) Claim Filing and Offices The Injury Report Your employer must report any injury that results in the loss of five days or more of work. The day of injury counts as one full day so long as at least four hours are lost. The injury is reported...

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  • Massachusetts Workers Compensation Benefits

    Benefits Injured workers may be eligible for some or all of the following benefits: Medical Benefits Total Disability Benefits Partial Disability Benefits Total and Permanent Disability Benefits Loss of Function Benefits Disfigurement Benefits Vocational Rehabilitation Ben...

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  • Massachusetts Workers' Compensation Injuries

    What Types of Injuries are Covered? Pre-Existing Conditions and Injuries A common but mistaken belief is that a medical condition or injury that predates the start of employment is not compensable. An employee is not barred from receiving benefits simply because he or she has a p...

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  • Massachusetts Workers' Compensation Law

    Our attorneys are well versed in the complexities of Workers' Compensation law and have successfully represented hundreds of workers in their dealings with insurance companies. We understand the financial and emotional impact of work-related injuries and illnesses, and strive to ...

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