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Bruce S Lipsey

Bruce Lipsey’s Legal Cases

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  • In The Matter of Brenda C

    Practice Area:
    Social security
    Claimant successfully won her benefits
    My client suffered from two distinct mental disorders. But she was young and somewhat brash during hearing testimony. The judge was conservative and denied her claim. I took an appeal and was successful on the legal argument that there was no foundation to his adverse credibility determination. The case went back to the same jduge who again found against her. Another appeal was taken adn the matter was assigned to a different judge for review. At this point, we finally prevailed.
  • In the matter of Steven D.

    Practice Area:
    Workers compensation
    Plaintiff secured settlement-2.1 million dollars
    Case involved a worker who stepped off a pile of debris at a worksite and suffered a pierce injury to his foot. An infection set in which required amputation, ultimately up to his knee. In the workers' compensation context, I successfully argued on behalf of the Plaintiff that he was entitled to a wage enhancement due to the prevailing wage law. Subsequently, the plaintiff brought a suit against the general contractor under the theory that it was responsible for the overall safety of the work project. The workers' compensation carrier agreed to not only waive its near $500,000 lien in the matter but pay an additional $200,000 settlement. The direct action case against the contractor yielded an additional $2.1 million dollar recovery.