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Nikiki Tavia Bogle

Nikiki Bogle’s Legal Guides

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  • Criminal Legal Guide: Knowing Your Constitutional Rights

    Right to Remain Silent: You are not required to talk to the police when questioned about a crime. Do NOT give a statement. The Fifth Amendment and the Miranda decision of the Supreme Court generally

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  • Criminal Law Guide: Arrest Tips

    Be polite and courteous with police Don't give any reason to escalate the situation. Don't complain about the stop or arrest or argue with the police. Stay calm; control your emotions. Stay in view

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  • Immigration Guide for Artists and Entertainers: Proving Extraordinary Ability the Arts

    O WORK VISA: Extraordinary Ability in the Field of Arts O-1 visa artists must be recognized as being prominent in his or her field demonstrated by the following: A. Has been nominated for, or has

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  • Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions

    Actual Impact of Criminal Charges on Immigration Status Criminal convictions may cause USCIS to deny an application, to start deportation proceedings or to detain or imprison a person. If you are

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