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Irwin M. Pollack

Irwin Pollack’s Legal Guides

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  • How to File a Complaint for Comtempt

    Take Action -- How to File a Complaint Step-by-Step A court ruling that your spouse is in contempt has considerably more impact than an award of attorney’s fees. A person who is not receiving child

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  • How to Plea Bargain OUI Cases

    What is a Plea Bargain? If you can’t completely beat your case by getting your charges dismissed or winning a not guilty verdict at trial, you may still be able to limit the damage and reduce the pen

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  • Best Massachusetts OUI Defense Strategies

    Start With the Basics... DEFENSE #1 — Weaving Within Your Own Lane Doesn't Justify a OUI/DUI Stop. Think about it, if you’re driving within the confines of your own lines, you really haven’t done an

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  • How to Plan for a Divorce

    First Things First... Do you want to keep the house? Even if you both believe that it will eventually need to be sold to fairly divide the assets of the marriage, consider whither one parent can hold

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  • How to Deal with Your Spouse's Attorney

    Watch Out For "The Agitator" Their aim seems to be to inflame the emotions of all parties. Every detail is a showdown to them, nothing is ever worked out and every issue is complex. Agitators are alw

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  • Who Gets the Marital Home in a Massachusetts Divorce?

    Selling the Home If neither of you want to, or can afford to, stay in the home, you can put it on the market and try to get the best possible price for it. Keep in mind that before the sales proceeds

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