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Irwin M. Pollack

About Irwin Pollack

About me

As Founder and President of Pollack Law Group, P.C., Attorney Irwin Pollack is known as a "results-oriented" attorney who focuses on divorce, custody, parenting, support and modification cases. He's the "go-to lawyer" when it comes to obligors who seek to reduce or terminate alimony, and he's been called "masterful" when it comes to imputing income to voluntarily underemployed spouses.

If you live in or around New England, you most likely have heard Attorney Pollack on the radio or seen his ads on television or the internet. He is the host of Talking About Divorce, a weekly syndiated talk radio show broadcast on WRKO, Boston, AM 680; WTAG, Worcester, AM 580/94.9 FM; WXTK, Cape Cod, 95.1 FM; and WHYN Springfield, AM 560. He also hosts Co-Parenting After Divorce, heard each weekend on WBZ NewsRadio 1030. In addition, he is the author of a monthly column on single parenting in BayStateParent magazine.


But what most people probably don’t know is that he is a pioneer in the legal profession. His focus on rock-solid marketing and overall business principles has allowed people to become more educated about their legal rights and provided increased access to legal services. The free information he has provided through seminars, workshops, public service campaigns, websites, blogs, online reports and worksheets have provided legal support to countless people in the areas of divorce and family law, including separation and divorce; child custody/parenting plans; child support; alimony/spousal support; fathers' rights; mothers' rights; grandparents' rights; military divorce; GBLT and same-sex divorce; and modifications of separation agreements and support. 


Attorney Pollack initially founded the Massachusetts Family Law Group and went on to build a family of legal brands. He later consolidated them into Pollack Law Group, P.C., with offices throughout New England. The firm continues to build on its success thanks to a clear vision, defined values and – above all – its people. 

The end result of Attorney Pollack’s vision has been a client-success rate that exceeds 93 percent, and half of all new clients stem from referrals from former clients. “I am proud of the fact that, while we can be aggressive litigators, we take a conciliatory approach in which we attempt to help our clients save money, save time, and save the harsh effect that divorce can have on children.”


A divorced parent himself, Attorney Pollack is currently married and has three children. He is a member in good standing of both the Massachusetts and Connecticut bars.

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