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Marianne C LeBlanc

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  • Bicyclists Sharing the Road with Motorists in Massachusetts

    Traffic congestion on the roads, rising gas prices, unreliable public transit systems - just a few of the reasons why Massachusetts residents have ditched their cars or transit passes for a bicycle on their daily commutes. Over the past few years, Massachusetts has become a popul...

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  • New Public Citizen Report Discredits Claim that Medmal Payments Account for Soaring Healthcare Costs

    A recent report of Public Citizen, a national nonprofit consumer advocacy organization, concludes that medical malpractice payments hit a record low in 2011, discrediting the claim that these payments are to blame for the skyrocketing cost of healthcare. In the report, Malpractic...

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  • Johnson & Johnson Defied FDA Order in Continued Marketing of Transvaginal Mesh Product

    It has recently been reported that Johnson Johnson (J J) continued to market and sell its Gynecare ProLift transvaginal mesh product for months after the FDA ordered it to stop marketing the device. In a letter dated August 24, 2007, the FDA told J J, the worlds biggest seller...

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  • Social Media: A Challenge in the Courtroom

    In a recent opinion, the Massachusetts Appeals Court acknowledged the challenges presented by the prevalent use of social media in court by jurors during trials. In its decision, Commonwealth v. Werner, the court affirms a larceny conviction where it was discovered after the tria...

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  • H.R. 5 Bill Threatens Patient Safety

    The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the so-called Help Efficient, Accessible, Low Cost, Timely, Health Care (HEALTH) Act of 2011 (H.R. 5). If passed into law, this H.R. 5 bill would take away the rights of injured patients by capping all compensatory damage awards f...

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  • Legal Claims Arising from Transvaginal Mesh

    Surgical mesh is a medical device which has been used for more than three decades for hernia repair. It is made from porous absorbable or non-absorbable synthetic material or absorbable biologic material. In 1996, the FDA cleared the first mesh product for use transvaginally to t...

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  • Nursing Home Patient Neglect and Abuse - Nursing Home Liability for Patient Neglect

    Discussion on the quality of care in Americas nursing homes. A must read for all with family members in intermediate care. Nursing homes and other skilled nursing facilities are entrusted with the duty to take care of our elderly and disabled family members. These licensed skille...

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  • Spousal Wrongful Death Claims & Damages in Massachusetts

    I was recently asked to give a lecture at a national conference for trial lawyers regarding damages for surviving spouses in wrongful death cases. Many states limit recovery in such cases to economic damages only (i.e. medical expenses, lost wages, etc.). Fortunately, Massachuset...

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