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  • How can we tell the judge that we didn't know we were putting the dog in danger and drop the class a to class b or c?

    my mother was charged with class a misdemeanor, the notice said that we knowingly let our dog out of the car and purposefully left her there. We did not, we didn't think she was in danger because it would be worse if she was left in the car in suc...

    Keith’s Answer

    These are very fact-driven cases. WHERE was the dog left, and for how LONG will be the two key issues.

    If you put the dog out of the car and drove off, your "lesser threat" theory is not likely to fly.

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  • Can I refuse to pay my neighbors vet bill if my dog bit his, but was in a contained backyard.

    So I have a big dog. My neighbor has 4 small dogs. There is a chain link fence between them. I check, and the fence still has its integrity (no loose spots, failing links, or places where it is loose from the ground). However, my neighbor, who cla...

    Keith’s Answer

    Settling this privately would be best.

    However, pay NOTHING until:

    1. You have seen the vet bill; and

    2. Your neighbor signs a release, acknowledging your payment as full resolution of all claims arising from this incident.

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  • My dog aledgedly bit my nabors dog through a fence they own, but there is no evidence, can we fight this?

    My dog apparently bit their dog through a hole in their side of the fence and they had to put the dogs nose back on in surgery they are saying, we see no blood anywhere and heard nothing on the day it happened, and they waited until the next day t...

    Keith’s Answer

    As a matter of cost-effectiveness and keeping neighbors happy, it may be prudent to settle this privately. That is largely driven by how much they want and what documentation, particularly vet bills, they have.

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  • Would it be possible to sue the history channel for lying constantly?

    There is a show called ancient aliens on the history channel and they have been found, on multiple occasions, of lying about historical information. I was wondering if they were protected by the first amendment or if they were protected because t...

    Keith’s Answer

    1. What you call lies, the History Channel calls - as you admit - theories.

    2. You cannot show any direct harm. That you argue with your father over the show's assertions does not give you any standing.

    3. You show neither libel nor slander. It's called freedom of thought.

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  • Was involuntary and immediate euthanasia of cat brought to vet illegal?

    Husband and I brought cat to vet office that had broken leg. My husband was bit while placing the cat in the cage. When checking the cat in at the vet office, the vet technician asked about bite on husband's hand and talking with him thought the c...

    Keith’s Answer

    You may "have a case," but one of no value.

    Pets are still considered mere property, and a cat that you simply "feeding and taking care of;" i.e., about two notches above feral, would have no value. You also fail to state whether the cat even had a rabies shot (as I suspect AL law requires).

    Your failure to produce proof of a rabies vaccination would seem to preclude your bringing suit.

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  • The Church Leader Who Repeatedly Raped Me, Recorded The Entire Proceedings Without My Consent Violating Me Once Again.

    The man who sexually abused me came forward and confessed his sins but the Church never reported his confession to me or ask if there was any more to the story than his. He was a church elder holding the second spot of responsibility, when he mol...

    Keith’s Answer

    Use Avvo and/or the CA bar association to find an attorney skilled in such child abuse cases. There is a statute of limitations which may have already run, so do NOT delay.

    Key to this will be your ability to obtain a copy of the recordings, and the date.

    This is NOT a "Criminal defense" issue; it is clearly under sex crime.

    Good luck.

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  • What is your advice if a police officer is demanding a bribe form someone carrying a gun I ordered illegally but don't want?

    What do I do if I bought a gun illegally with the intention to kill myself (which I no longer plan to do) but the guy delivering the gun was caught by a police officer who wants a 2000 USD bribe in order to give it back and I can only get the mone...

    Keith’s Answer

    This scenario does not sound remotely plausible. I suspect a troll.

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  • Im 17 and ran away from class C and B felony's in Washington, how soon after 18 can I seal the felonies? what is the process?

    I need as much details as possible and need to know how to deal with the warrent without getting locked up

    Keith’s Answer

    What makes you think you can seal felonies you "ran away from?"

    Fugitives from justice don't get their criminal records sealed. Contact a criminal attorney in WA and get the felonies dealt with.

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  • Can a animal rescue take a pet back if you have foster it and paid and had contract?

    well we had it all done( contract and paid receipt )ok86y7 and the rescue ask for a visit one more time for a visit with the veta then stolen them from the vet. The rescue said Because of a friend was helping at the home visit when the adapter wa...

    Keith’s Answer

    Your post is unclear, particularly the "ok86y7." It seems you fostered a dog, but had an incompetent/abusive friend "helping at the home visit," the rescue society deemed it necessary to recover the dog. That this "friend" now can't be around the dog, has retained counsel, and is offering you $500 for your silence indicates there was animal cruelty.

    It is likely part of the contract that a successful home visit be made; if there are animal cruelty charges possible, that visit was clearly a failure. This suggests that your contract includes a provision for loss of the animal if not properly cared for.

    As you failed to state whether there is such a clause in your contract, we don't know for sure.

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