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Melinda J. Markvan

Melinda Markvan’s Legal Guides

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  • Paternity and Medical Costs in Massachusetts

    "Strict Liability of Sperm" by Melinda J. Markvan Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 209 is the "Paternity Statute" for Massachusetts. Under section 9, the Court has authority to make orders regarding child support, educational costs of the child, health insurance of the child a...

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  • How Much Will it Cost to File in Probate Court?

    How Much Will It Cost to File My Complaint in the Probate Court? By Melinda J. Markvan While attorneys seem to know all of the answers, they actually know where to look for the answers. If you are wondering what it costs to file a modification of child support or file a complai...

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  • Alternatives to Litigation

    Alternatives to Litigation, by Melinda J. Markvan You and your spouse discussed getting a divorce, but you cannot agree on everything. One of you is pressing for something, and the other wont give in. Youve talked to friends, family or attorneys, and despite your best efforts, y...

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  • Be Prepared for that first call: Questions a potential Family Law attorney should ask.

    Are You Looking to Hire an Attorney for Your Divorce? Ten Questions A Potential Divorce Attorney Shouldl Ask You and Why by Melinda J. Markvan 1. Where do you and your spouse live? In the Internet Age, potential clients from all over the world google attorneys. Its important ...

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