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James M Lynch

James Lynch’s Legal Guides

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  • Massachusetts Motorcycle Insurance: Am I Covered by PIP?

    Motorcyclists, as a general proposition, are among the most careful and courteous motorists out there on the roadways today.Despite their caution, however, even the most careful motorcyclists sometimes cannot guard against the negligence of a random inattentive automobile driver....

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  • Mass High Court Narrows Application of Drunk Driving License Suspensions Under Melanie’s Law

    On May 17, 2012, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court narrowed the power of the Registry of Motor Vehicles to administratively suspend the drivers licenses of repeat offenders under the 2005 omnibus statute known as Melanies Law. In an opinion written by Judge Margot Botsford...

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  • Massachusetts Social Host Liquor Liability Law

    On February 21, 2012, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court reaffirmed its long-held position that civil liquor liability attaches to a social host only where the host either serves alcohol or exercises effective control over the supply of alcohol. In Juliano v. Simpson, decid...

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