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Colleen E. Cunnally

About Colleen Cunnally

About me


At Cunnally Law Group, LLC, Divorce Collaborative, we resolve your family law conflict - not create more of it.

We suggest clients first consider alternatives to expensive and stressful litigation when possible, including mediation and collaborative divorce.

Our lawyers and mediators are completely focused on divorce and family law.  We appreciate the trust our clients place in us, and provide top-notch client service. 

Our approach is reassuring and consultative, but we are ready to fight for you in court when needed.  We help our clients stay focused on what is important, with an eye to the future.

For more information about me and my firm, please visit us online at

On our site, we add fresh content frequently and will be soon adding videos and podcasts.  Don't forget to read our informative blog.

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To schedule a consultation, please email me at