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Vincent E Bonazzoli

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  • I need a probate attorney , my brothers distributed inheritance already but did not give me my share.

    the deed was faulsefied, along with the notary public,at the time of my parents death. One Brother took over posetion of the house and personal belongings. and lived at my parents house for 4yrs. and did not pay the morgage pymnts. when he sold th...

    Vincent’s Answer

    I have a colleague in the Fresno, CA area who might be of help to you. Here is his contact information: Attorney Robert Wright of Wright & Wright Attorneys at Law, Inc. (265 E. River Park Cirle, Suite 260 - Fresno, Ca 93720) 559-228-8184. You can also email him at He is also a fellow member of wealth counsel, link provided below. Good luck to you!

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