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Teresa M. Harkins La Vita

Teresa La Vita’s Legal Guides

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  • Representing Yourself in Court

    With the economy being as it is, more and more people are representing themselves in court. These “pro bono” or “self-represented” parties are held to the same standards and rules as attorneys. Here are some tips to representing yourself in matters where there is no jury.

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  • The Woodside case and removal of children from Massachusetts

    In a divorce, it is not uncommon for one parent to request removal of children from the Commonwealth. Unless the parties agree, the Probate and Family Court will hear the case pursuant to G.L. c. 208, 30. The Mass. Appeals Court recently discussed and analyzed the standard for r...

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  • Pathways to Divorce

    Mediation Mediation is where the parties jointly consult a trained, neutral third party in an effort to resolve their problems amicably. A mediator does not give legal advice, but rather provides in

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  • Why do I need a will?

    If you die without a will, the State will decide who gets your property. Many Massachusetts residents are surprised to learn who would actually inherit their property under the intestacy laws (which

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  • What is a Category F Guardian ad Litem?

    A Guardian ad Litem (GAL) is a person that is appointed by a Court to represent the interests of another party. A GAL can typically be a social worker, mental health professional, or attorney. There are numerous types of GALs, and the type of GAL is needed in a particular case ...

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  • In Divorce, Conduct CAN Matter

    A myriad of factors can affect the outcome of a divorce in Massachusetts. In determining division of the marital estate, or whether to award alimony, the court will look to mandatory and discretionary factors as outlined in Mass. General Laws 208, section 34. The mandatory factor...

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