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Jennifer L. DiCarlo

Jennifer DiCarlo’s Legal Guides

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  • When and how can a Massachusetts landlord charge a tenant for water?

    According to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 186, Section 22, a landlord must follow very specific procedures before they can require a tenant to pay for water.When a unit is not directly connected to a meter installed by a water company, the law requires installation by a lic...

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  • Q: I am selling my condominium and have to get a 6(d) certificate. What is this?

    6(d) refers to Section 6(d) of Chapter 183A of the Massachusetts General Laws.A buyer of a condominium unit or their lender almost always requires that a seller obtain a 6(d) certificate in order to relieve any concerns about unpaid condominium fees and assessments, which could r...

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  • Real Estate Closing Costs Exposed

    Okay, so you've put an offer on your dream house and it's been accepted by an elated seller. Both parties have executed an iron clad purchase and sale agreement with the assistance of legal counsel and the home inspection has been completed and there's no bad wiring or leaky pipe...

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  • How much can a Massachusetts landlord collect from their tenant up front?

    This question comes up all the time and the answer is really very clear. A Massachusetts landlord can collect amounts for only 4 different items in advance of a tenancy: 1) First month's rent; 2) Last month's rent (calculated at the same rate as the first month); 3) A security d...

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  • MASSACHUSETTS LANDLORDS BEWARE: Think twice before putting that security deposit in an online bank a

    As online banking and internet-based banks become more popular and convenient, Ive found many Massachusetts landlords utilizing them to hold security deposits for the duration of a tenancy or lease period. Of course this is a practical solution to managing these kinds of funds. A...

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