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Michael Stephen Bowser Jr.

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  • Can I mitigate my sentence?

    I completed five out of the six months on EMD. I was violated for a time infraction and spent ten days in jail and given another six months. I was only 28 days away from finishing. I had never violated before or had any infractions. I completed ev...

    Michael’s Answer

    It is possible to get the sentence reduced, however you would have to appear at the hearing with a reason for the judge to do so (ie. you've been volunteering, you have a job, etc.). If you just appear at the hearing and say that you want it reduced "just because," it's unlikely the judge will grant your request.

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  • I have to have ignition lock device installed un ma for 2nd dui. i have since moved to fl , do i still have to have installed fl

    2nd dui in ma , getting license in suspension is over and my license i need interlock installed in fl

    Michael’s Answer

    It sounds like your MA probation is probably complete, however the RMV has administratively required the interlock device for two years. The bigger question for you is whether you are now a permanent resident in the State of Florida, and if so, do you have a FL driver's license? Once you obtain a FL license, the DMV in Florida will advise you whether you must keep the interlock device on your vehicle.

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  • Can I appeal a $500 ticket issued based on assumptions?

    After a girl I dated falsely claimed abuse and filed a temporary restraining order, I started to get harassment from the local police department. 1. They came at 1am to serve (and did every insulting thing to get a rise out of me) 2. They refused ...

    Michael’s Answer

    It appears you have a strong case. I suggest reading the back of the citation and writing a letter requesting an appeal. As the attorney above stated, bring in both your old and new registration when you appear in court, and do not discuss your "peeves" with the police department. Explain to the judge/magistrate that you registered your car that day, prior to knowing that a citation had even issued.

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  • Shoplifting in sephora

    i was caught shoplifting in sephora and i was taken at the back and made to sign a few papers, the cops were involved and i was to fill the trespassing form and now m banned from sephora and the mall for 5 years. Sephora told me that i will be g...

    Michael’s Answer

    There are a number of additional questions I would have for you to be able to adequately advise you based on the above. That said:
    1) If the store recovered the perfume, there is essentially no restitution owed. However, per the MA statutes, Sephore is allowed to collect up to $500. They will likely be sending you letters asking you for money, and a collection agency will get involved. If you have an attorney at the time you receive the letters, do not respond! Simply forward the letters to your attorney and ask them to handle the collection agency/Sephora.
    2 & 3) Court may likely be involved. Although you did not receive documentation that day, you may be getting a summons in the mail on for a hearing on an Application for Criminal Complaint. My best advise is to hire an attorney to attend this hearing with you and he may be able to get the case dropped before formal charges are filed. Whatever you do, do NOT miss the hearing!
    4) Not necessarily. Even if Sephora is "made whole" by your paying the fine, the DA is still able to prosecute your case.
    5) This all depends on whether you have received formal charges and whether a formal complaint has been filed.

    Good Luck.

    Mike Bowser, Esq.
    Phone: 978-256-2700

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  • A friend of mine has been in prison over 25 years for 2 murders he did not commit, but was charged "Joint Venture" We NEED help.

    Looking for a very experienced lawyer who can, and will, do Pro Bono in Massachusetts. Very controversial case that carries a lot of press. Prefer someone who does not reside in MA, due to any backlash that may come of it or possible personal ties...

    Michael’s Answer

    You should contact the New England Innocence Project (NEIP) immediately. They accept cases monthly and have a high record for success for wrongful convictions. Best of Luck.

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  • Can you give info for out of state dui after completing California sb38 program?

    In 1976 I got a 1st dui from in Mass. I moved to California years later & got a dui in the "80's. I followed all mandated laws under S.B. 38 and completed the course to retain my Calif. license. I got another Mass. dui very recently. But have not ...

    Michael’s Answer

    It is very likely that the open OUI will be charged as your 3rd, assuming that the DA has a complete criminal record. If you go to arraignment and the Complaint shows this as an OUI 2nd, I advise you to discuss with an attorney immediately; resolving the case will be easier sooner, rather than later.

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