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John Doe vs ABC Properties

Practice Area: Construction and development

Outcome: $4,400,000 Settlement

Description: The Plaintiff an electrician sustained third degree burns over 40% of his body as a result of an electrical arc-flash explosion involving 4160 volts of electricity. The plaintiff was directed by the landlord's agent to perform work on a high voltage substation that should have been de-energized prior to the performance of the work. The work was supervised by the landlord's engineering manager who failed to review the electrical schematics prior to attempting to de-energize the substation. Although the portion of the cabinet the Plaintiff was working on remained energized he was wrongly assured by the engineer that it was safe to work on. The Plaintiff who was 44 years of age as of the date of his injuries underwent 18 surgeries and sustained over one million dollars in medical expenses.

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