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George Charles Samiotes

George Samiotes’s Legal Guides

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  • Frequently Asked Questions About Mechanic's Liens

    Note: this guide is for those seeking a mechanics lien in Massachusetts only. 1. What is a mechanic lien? A mechanics lien is an encumbrance or attachment upon real property which secures the right to payment for work performed on that real property. 2. Who can obtain...

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  • How to Sell Goods Internationally

    Suppose at your factory you produce thousands of Ipods daily.After some research you realize that Europe has a huge market for Ipods and you want to sell your Ipods to buyers whom you have never met or dealt with before in Europe. How do you sell your products internationally to...

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  • 12 Defenses to Debt Collection Suits

    Many Americans are currently riddled with consumer debts including credit card debt, cell phone debts and credit card debts from retail stores.Often these creditors will bring suit against the debtor for what is called a Breach of Contract. Nevertheless, you may have certain defenses against creditors.

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