Welcome. I would like to introduce myself to you as well as my practice philosophy. I am a solo practitioner with a small, client-centered private legal practice, which is dedicated to the practice areas of family law, divorce mediation, estate law (including guardianship and conservatorship law), and elder law family mediation. I have over 13 years’ experience in private practice and over 30 years of professional and personal life experience that has shaped my approach to and the principles that guide my law practice. Because my practice is client centered, I am always available to work in partnership with you to achieve your goals.

I am dedicated to providing each of my clients with zealous professional, compassionate, and affordable expert legal representation. I believe in treating each of my clients as if s/he were my only client. To maintain a client-centered practice, I intentionally accept only a select number of clients in order to maintain the one-on-one client-centered legal representation that only a solo practitioner can devote to their clients. My process of selecting clients that I choose to represent is based, first and foremost, not on finances, but on whether we will work well together to achieve your goals. Legal representation is often a long and stressful process and you and I may be working together for a long time, so we have to be able to do so harmoniously and respectfully. In essence, what type of client is a good fit? In a nutshell, the clients that I work best with, and who achieve the highest personal long term satisfaction at the end of a case, are clients who are honest, have realistic expectations, are open to suggestions and legal advice, and put the best interests of their children (if they have any) first. I do not work well with prospective clients who have a “take no prisoners” philosophy!

My clients are from average Massachusetts middle-class families and very often believe that they cannot afford to hire a lawyer. I am strongly committed to making expert legal representation affordable through flat-fee and limited-scope representation, tailored to each of my client’s individual needs and personal circumstances. I no longer use hourly billing for the vast majority of my cases. This is based on my belief that "pro-se" representation – representing oneself – in the Probate Courts of Massachusetts, is a much more complicated, daunting, and frustrating process than most people realize and self-representation most often leads to bad results.

I represent clients in the metro-suburban Boston area including Middlesex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Worcester, and Essex counties. My offices are centrally located in the Sherborn on the Natick/Framingham town lines and will soon expand to The Suites at Apple Hill. I also meet with clients, by appointment only, when needed in their homes. I offer all prospective clients a free thirty-minute telephone consultation.