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Marta Philpott Chadwick

About Marta Chadwick

About me


Marta Chadwick, Esq. brings ten years of experience to the practice. She has provided comprehensive services for some of our most vulnerable population; people who have suffered interpersonal violence in their lives. She has seen first hand what the fractured and institutional response to divorce can do to a family. “After witnessing the despair and struggle many of my clients endured, I thought there must be a better way.” People and their relationships cannot be treated as one dimensional beings who must fit into pre-determined categories. Divorce is more than a docket number. It is the complete dismantling of a family system. As such, divorcing clients deserve the opportunity to end the relationship with as much integrity as they had when they entered into the relationship. Providing a holistic approach to this problem allows the client to deal with the issues that have ended the relationship, and move on.
Marta is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire and Suffolk University Law School.  She has litigated numerous contested matters throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  She has trained various legal professionals on the issue of family violence and the law, including attorneys, judges, probation officers, advocates, social workers and police officers.  She has lectured at Harvard University Law School, Merrimack College and presented at national family violence conferences in San Diego, CA.  She is the co-creator of the Greater Newburyport Domestic Violence High Risk Case Response Team.  She has been published in the Domestic Violence Report, April/May 2007, Redefining Safety: What to do if a Victim Says No to Shelter. She is certified in Divorce Mediation.

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