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Andrew J. Kadets

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  • What type of lawyer do I need if any?

    My fiacee, her friend, and myself dined at an Applebees restaurant recently. To make a long story short, I stepped outside and smoked and cigarette while I was trying to enter I questioned by the manger about an incident that occured across the st...

    Andrew’s Answer

    You will want to find a civil litigation attorney to contact Applebee's on your behalf. Often a lawyer handling personal injury will handle such a case even though it does not involve a physical injury. However, please keep in mind that your case may be difficult to turn into significant monetary reward. While certainly a frustrating and humiliating, in most cases a restaurant owner will have discretion to ask a patron to leave the premises if he feels they caused a disturbance (even though in this case he was mistaken). Generally, however an owner may not ask you to leave for a reason which violates public policy, such as based on your race or disability.

    I think it is worth a call to a lawyer to see if they would be interested in helping you. You may wish to also file a complaint with Applebee's directly. But, if you are planning on hiring a lawyer I would do that first because he may not want you to make any statements directly to Applebees.

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  • What type of lawyer do I need?

    Situation: Accident & citation issued to someone utilizing my name. This person gave a law Officer false information about me. My license will be suspended on 2-18-10. I only received notice from Licensing in Olympia, Washington a week ago. I woul...

    Andrew’s Answer

    It sounds like you will need a lawyer to cover a few different areas, criminial to striaghten out the traffic violation and civil to correct any identity theft issues. I would recommend that you find an attorney who handles both civil and criminal litigation because you are going to need some expertise in both areas. The good news is that such a lawyer should not be difficult to find. A large percentage of litigation attorneys will practice in both civil and criminal litigation.

    If you are having identity theft issues concerning your credit that may be more difficult to correct. There are not many lawyers that specialize in credit correction. You may be able to find one, but I am not aware of many. But, I would start with a criminal/civil litigation attorney and he should be able to guide you through all the issues and perhaps can help you find a credit correction service that can help you.

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