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Howard M Lewis

About Howard Lewis

About me

I care about each clients case as if it were my own and I try to resolve it with that in mind.  My clients have my email and my cell phone number should they have any questions or concerns at night or over the weekends, if something bothers them, then it should bother me and that question or problem needs to be addressed and resolved immediately.

Greater Boston Attorney

I work on each case with a goal of how best to resolve it, taking financial, emotional and legal concerns into mind.  Some cases need to be completed faster than others, in that instance our office is able to move paralegal and legal assistants to the case and we work as a team.  If the case needs to slow down in order for us to find a solution to a problem then we work with that goal.  We handle cases with the clients best interests  as our sole focus. We do not spend the clients money unless necessary for the benefit of the case. 


Boston Divorce Attorney

Our office has the most advanced technology, the highest trained associate attorneys, paralegals and legal asistants working as a team to resolve client problems and to make sure the other side whether- the other side is an attorney or a governemnt official doesn't make the problem worse.


We own our building and our team treats each other and our clients like a family.  We take pride in our practice and have the greatest respect for our clients. I am an experienced Massachusetts attorney and trial lawyer.

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