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Jack Merrill Jr.

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  • Do I have any legal recourse against my employer for allowing workplace harassment and bullying?

    Inquiring on behalf of family member: She's been put on administrative leave with pay for what one could argue are minor mistakes at her job. She has documented incidents of workplace harassment for over a year. Examples include being called an f...

    Jack’s Answer

    Your family member may have a legal remedy, but the issue will turn on the reasons she is being mistreated. Most workers in Massachusetts work at will, meaning that they can leave their jobs whenever they like and, similarly, can be let go for any reason or no reason. Employers are not required by law to treat workers fairly. They cannot, however, discriminate, and harassment, can be illegal under the Massachusetts anti-discrimination statute if it is motivated by a person's gender, race, religion, or other protected categories. In the case you describe, the motivation for the harassment is unclear. To determine if your family member has a remedy, you'll need to consult with an employment lawyer. Since her union does not seem to be helping much at this point, it may make sense to do so quickly.

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