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Jon L. Revelli

Jon Revelli’s Answers

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  • Attorney, Emergency Hearing & Dead In The Water

    My ex pulled a fast one mad& e his way into court while I was downstairs talking with a victim advocate & filed a bogus emergency hearing & got temporary custody of my young daughter. My pro bono attorney who handled the custody trial that ended j...

    Jon’s Answer

    If your case has not reached a final judgment then your lawyer is still the attorney of record on the case. If you don't want that attorney representing you any longer then request that he or she file a motion to withdraw or mark it up yourself with notice to your attorney and your former spouse. You can then seek to modify the decision by yourself or with new counsel.

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  • Should I plead not guilty at a DUI arraignment tomorrow?

    I am guilty, I blew .17 at the police station. Have never gotten in trouble with the law before.

    Jon’s Answer

    Do not plead guilty or otherwise resolve your case tomorrow. The breath test could be suppressed in certain instances and, if you performed well in your other interactions with the police officer, you may have a triable case. That means no extended license loss, no probation, no surcharge, no record, etc.

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