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Possession Class A (6th Offense)

Case Conclusion Date: 01.01.2005

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Charges Dismissed

Description: Westboro District Court. The Defendant, a 54 year old gentleman, was taken out of his vehicle by police and paramedics who arrived on scene to find the Defendant’s vehicle parked horizontally across the road pointing into the woods after an apparent accident. Found in plain view in the vehicle were 10 full bags of what appeared to be heroin, numerous empty heroin bags, 10 hypodermic needles and a soda can ripped in half with burn marks on the bottom, all of which was taken into evidence. The Defendant was taken to UMASS and police applied for complaints for OUI Drugs and Possession Class A, Subsequent Offense. Despite five (5) previous OUI arrests, three (3) of which resulted in convictions and six (6) previous convictions for Possession Class A and/or Possession Class A, Subsequent Offense, several of which resulted in 1 year jail terms, Attorney Casale was able to have the charges issued as straight OUI Drugs and Possession Class A, dropping the “subsequent offense” designations. In the District Court, despite the defendant’s seven (7) page CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) Attorney Casale was able to get all charges dismissed upon a showing that Defendant had entered and completed detoxification and aftercare, was now living in sober housing and had produced several clean drug screens. Instead of serving time in jail and losing his license for 10 years or more, he is now clean and sober with a valid Massachusetts license with all charges Dismissed!

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