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Assault & Battery With a Deadly Weapon Bullying

Case Conclusion Date: 06.27.2012

Practice Area: Juvenile law

Outcome: Dismissed

Description: My client was involved in an allegation that involved 2 other co-defendants. The alleged victim informed police that over a 6 month period the defendant harassed him to the point of needing counseling. On at least 1 occasion my client was alleged to have poked the alleged victim with a knife. On the day of trial the judge asked whether or not a plea was looked into. I informed the judge that I had approached the prosecutor with a disposition of 90 days pretrial probation essentially dismissing the case in 90 days since the case had already reamed open for 1 year without any incidents. I highlighted my clients GPA and entrance into a pre-college class that guaranteed him placement at any Worcester College. The DA agreed and when the judge asked if she could talk to my client as well as the other co-defendants with the victim in private I felt that would potentially help my client’s case. I informed my client’s father while the meeting was taking place that I felt that the judge would end up dismissing the matter with all parties having addressed their concerns privately. All of the individuals involved in the case were very good friends.

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