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Lance Chavin

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  • The best lawyer out here

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Melissa

    Lance was on top of everything from the start to bottom. He kept us notified about everything. Housing court was hard when it's not yor fault and you have your neighbors to let items going up through your tub while you where in it. Plus many more issues. Lance worked so hard for all parties involved. He got us what we needed and found us another place to move. Landlords know him people know him and I even still reference him even till today!! Lance means business!!

    Hired attorney
  • Tenant/Landlord Issue

    5.0 stars

    Posted by M. U

    From the many lawyers we contacted, Lance was the most knowledgeable for the case. Lance was available for us via email/phone at all times, and provided excellent advice. Our previous landlord was threatening to take us to court (a lawyer himself), but Lance applied his knowledge of the law and the case was quickly settled outside the court, saving us a trip to court. We were more than happy with the results. Highly recommend Lance for any tenant/landlord issues.

    Hired attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by ERIN

    For those of you out there even considering another attorney who have DCF/child and family matters or any other legal matters for that matter...STOP right there.
    I have used Attorney Chavin for several small legal matters but recently as of Sept. 2014 asked Attorney Chavin to assist me in a very high profile DCF SEXUAL abuse accusation case regarding my 5 year old daughter in which 1 of my maternal family members named 5 of my significant other's family members of sexual assualt on my 5 year old...which resulted in removal of the father of my now 1 year old son from the home; zero contact of my 5 year old daughter and local police; district attorney; and DCF involvement.
    Terrifying to say the least....also extremely difficult for a now all of a sudden single mother who previously relied on her childcare from her partner and his family whom i now was allowed ZERO contact.

    Attorney Chavin from the start was easy to speak to NON JUDGEMENTAL
    took phone calls 24-7 from me day and night....
    no phone call or question went unanswered.
    went to court for a restraining order which was granted immediately with his assistance.
    recommended I appeal all allegations brought fourth to dcf of sexual abuse and neglect of my children.
    An appeal hearing was granted within WEEKS WHEN I WAS TOLD IT WOULD TAKE MONTHS!!!!
    at the appeal hearing attorney Chavin kept me calm; reasurred me......talked me through all the steps......
    at the end of the appeal hearing i was told by the hearing officer i would not hear about the result for MONTHS TO YEARS.......
    I WAS TOLD BY MANY EXPERTS IN THE FIELD that NEVER in DCF history has this ever happened!!!

    MY OVERALL advise to those of you experiencing any difficulty with a child family case such as dcf....choose Attorney Chavin.....LISTEN to EVERYTHING he has to say
    TRUST ME!!!!!

  • Outstanding Attorney for Landlord/Tenant Law!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Beverly

    My husband and I rent a handful of single-family homes in Pittsfield, MA, and for years, have had wonderful Tenants. Since families sometimes face financial hardships, we cut these tenants slack when the excuses for late payments started (car trouble, family illness, etc.). When promises of payment were constantly broken, we finally asked them to leave, and suggested they look for a more modest rental. That's when the threats began.

    They had failed to properly heat the house, hanging blankets around the LR where the thermostat was located, allowing pipes to freeze, and flooding the house. For months, we texted back and forth with him, receiving constant threats, and no rent. The profanities were beyond shocking, while the threats caused overwhelming stress. The police couldn't do anything, saying it was a Landlord-Tenant dispute.

    Finally, my husband and I decided to hire an attorney, and we found Lance Chavin. He assured us that we had done nothing wrong, and that we should no longer respond to these people. Instead, all texts were to be forwarded to him, and he would handle everything. The relief and peace of mind we felt was immediate, and we were finally able to relax while Lance navigated us through the complex process. Lance has a thorough knowledge of the complicated housing laws in Pittsfield, MA, and with his years of experience, he knows everyone in the Pittsfield court system. Although he lives in Springfield, he has an office here in Pittsfield.

    Lance took care of all the paperwork and documents, and executions. We didn't have to do anything. He handled all communications, and explained our options to us very clearly. Lance was very quick to respond to our texts, calls, and emails. Because my husband and I had been so traumatized, we probably needed more assurance than most clients, but he never failed to calm us down and reassure us. He very clearly laid out the various scenarios, based upon possible court actions, from the best and quickest, to the worst case. Even the worst case seemed more tolerable, knowing that the result would be the same, but the time line could be extended by additional court actions.

    Lance had researched our tenant, and discovered that there were 2 arrest warrants out on our tenant. When the court date arrived, he notified the Sheriff that our tenant was expected to appear that day, but we then knew that he might not show up, for fear of arrest. Lance was right. Only his live-in girlfriend came. He updated me with texts for 3 hours, and finally asked me come in - there had been a snowstorm that morning, and it was possible that the court might close early. When I arrived, I was happy to learn that Lance had already prepared the agreement that was acceptable our tenant. She agreed that they owed over $10,000.00 in rent, and agreed to leave by of January 31. Lance represented our case to the Judge, and we won! We had our judgement, they would have to leave or be physically thrown out 48 hours after receiving the Execution of Eviction served by the Sheriff.

    Lance explained that we'd have to arrange for the Sheriff and the bonded certified movers to be there on the day of physical eviction. Finally, the day arrived. The Sheriff went in first. They were gone, and only garbage and junk remained. The damage to our house was bad, and the house reeked. But, I repeat, THEY WERE GONE!

    Evictions are not easy in MA. Don’t try to resolve them without the professional help of an outstanding attorney with thorough knowledge of our local Landlord/Tenant laws, and experience with our court system. Call Lance Chavin.

  • An Outstanding Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mindy

    From the very beginning of my case, Lance was extremely knowledgeable. Throughout my case, I was consistently updated with any changes that were happening. Lance was very detailed in all aspects of the issues arising within my case and provided me with outstanding professionalism and courtesy. At the conclusion of my case, I was 110% satisfied with the service that Attorney Lance Chavin provided on my behalf. I would recommend that anyone looking for knowledgeable, professional, and through representation, contact Attorney Lance Chavin.

  • Choose Lance

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    When Lance says he won't give up a fight until it's over he's 110% serious!! I'm currently in the midst of a second round of litigation with Lance for a family law matter and I am constantly blown away time and time again by his persistence, foresight, responsiveness, enthusiasm and hunger for learning.

    Not only is he taking my case as seriously as though my child was his own, but he's teaching me as this goes. I don't just want it done, I want to UNDERSTAND and he can put it to you clearly.

    Lance is professional by every measure but no stiff, he's a real guy who can really hear you and empathize with challenges that real people face in real life.

    I'm not getting a a kickback for writing this, Just blessed to have made Lances acquaintance.

  • Lawyer with integrity

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Landlord & Tenant client

    Mr.Chavin provided excellent ideas which contributed to my success.He was very friendly and professional.I highly recommend Mr. Chavin as a fair and trustworthy attorney.He persevered and achieved a fine outcome on my behalf.His office is conveniently located and parking was easy. He was reponsive, each time I called.

  • Awesome

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Employment client

    I couldn't say enough good things about Lance. He represented me in an employment situation. His knowledge was second to none.

  • Best Attorney I've worked with

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    Attorney Chavin has been a great help to my department and town. As Code Enforcement Officer and selectboard chairman for a small western massachusetts town Attorney Chavin has helped to close two very difficult and drawn out cases that have plagued us for years. Lances persistance and timely actions have resolved these cases in record time and with all of the results we have hoped for. He excels in all of the qualities listed above and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Truely an outstanding attorney!
    In reference to the less than flattering review that he was given, I was also involved in that case and at no time did Attorney Chavin act inappropriately or unprofessional at any time.

  • untrustworthy

    1.0 star

    Posted by Pat

    This is a follow up to my original review, things changed as my case went on.
    At first he seemed very friendly, caring, proffesional and competent in the legal issues I was dealing with. I trusted him and I now feel he may have violated the rules of proffessional conduct
    This is what he did::
    1) He Shared confidential correspondence (from me to him) with the opposing party's attorney. I at this point asked that he not do this again without my consent.
    Should I have had to ask ? Isnt this considered attorney client privledge?
    2) He Sent email to the opposing partys attorney containing deragatory/defamitory statements about me then forwarded the same email to ME so I could see what he had written.
    I found the email comments to be Very objectionable, unethical and that it showed a great lack of proffessionalism.

    I would not recommend this attorney for any type of case as his proffessional (mis)conduct proves him untrustworthy.