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Can a 24 year old have a child with a 16 year old in Washington State if hes in no position of authority over her?: 16 and 24 yr old have consensual sex and she gets pregnant. Can he be prossecuted even tho its 60 months over he is not in a position of power over her

Asked 9 months ago in Sex Crime

Robert’s answer: The answer to the question, as written is no, he will not be prosecuted. There are, however, a lot of seemingly insignificant variations on that question that could result in the person being charged.

Answered 9 months ago.

Caught smoking weed by the cops what will my charges/penalties be? Pls help : I was smoking weed with 3 friends out in public, cops caught us and found .5 of a gram on me.

Asked over 2 years ago in Criminal Defense

Robert’s answer: Adding to Sean's answer, it will also depend on the jurisdiction that caught you smoking pot in public. I suspect you can expect a fine being imposed but not jail.

Answered over 2 years ago.

Can i date a 15 year old when iam 16, iam am the guy being 16 and she is the girl being 15, can i continue after i turn 18?: Me and this girl want to date but we dont know for sure because our state says as long as ur not 4 years older than the girl it wont be considered rape if u do anything, my question is can i continue to date her when i turn 18 and continue that because she is only a year and 9 months younger than me.

Asked almost 3 years ago in Sex Crime

Robert’s answer: Strictly based on the age referenced in your question, you will not be in violation of the law. You are within the legal dating age range between partners for Washington.

Answered almost 3 years ago.