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How can i get in contact with my 3 year old daughter, if my wife took her without my permission?: Am from NY and am paying the state of California child support, how do i know the status of my daughter and wife if there's no way of me getting in contact with them. God forbid something happens will they let me know,will they tell me come and get your daughter if something happens to her mother. Am confused, they are just taking my money and i have no clue of them!

Asked about 5 years ago in Child Custody

Kelly’s answer: You need to contact an attorney immediately. You should have a custody/visitation order in place. You are the legal father and you have a legal right to see your child. More importantly, children need both their mother and their father. Studies clearly show children always do better when they have a healthy relationship with their father. Call an attorney today.

Answered about 5 years ago.

What do i need to get a divorce? planning 1 after august 2015: planning 1 after august 2015

and what is low to high price please?

Asked about 5 years ago in Family

Kelly’s answer: Speak to a local attorney. Divorce cases can become complicated quickly and due to that volatility actual cost can vary. $5,000 up front retainer is fairly standard. But it could be more. You need to speak to an attorney in your area to properly assess.

Answered about 5 years ago.

My grandparents having a family trust/living will.: They have passed away and it is to be divided by 3 children. One of those three children was my mother, she has passed away. My uncle had me sign a paper, don't know what it was? How do I find out anything regarding my part in the trust without asking my family? Thank you

Asked over 5 years ago in Trusts

Kelly’s answer: I agree with the other attorneys, you need an experienced attorney immediately.

I have actually been in your position. My grandparents had a living trust and my dad and his 7 siblings were named as beneficiaries. But my dad predeceased his parents. 2 of my aunts were names co-trustees and they decided that my sister and I(my father's heirs) should not receive our dad's share of the trust due to the fact that they "felt" only the surviving siblings should take. I contacted an attorney and my sister and I split our dad's share of the trust.

Money does strange things to people and can destroy families. Call an attorney today.

Answered about 5 years ago.