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Is it possible to know if charges were filed on a particular person?: I am trying to find out if charges are pending due to a given situation where police were called, is there anyway to find out?

Asked almost 3 years ago in Violent Crime

Norwood’s answer: Cases are public record. Being so you can contact your local county or district clerks office with the person's identifying information and ask them if there is a pending case.

Answered almost 3 years ago.

Ticket for no operating authority and no medical certificate : We are in Texas. We have a Small dump truck and we were towing a roller. Pulled over and weighed. Registered weight is 25900 gross weight on ticket was 20700. Got 2 tickets mentioned above... are we supposed to have operating authority and medical card? Officer said tickets were because there was a potential to be overloaded.

Asked almost 3 years ago in Speeding Ticket

Norwood’s answer: In my experience with dealing with commercial tickets I have discovered that many times officer's actual tickets will not directly correspond with the actual violation they described to you originally. "No operating Authority" is basically a "catch all" ticket. This happens more often than it should. Its definitely worth fighting in court if for no other reason than to protect your commercial driving record. Hope this helps

Answered almost 3 years ago.

What is the law on evading arrest in Texas?: My son was at a bar in College Station and had a drink in his hand when an officer walked up to him and asked his age. He had just turned 18 a month ago. He told the officer he was 21 and the officer asked him to come outside to show ID and to confirm his age. When he got outside he said he got scared because he wasn't 21 and ran. The officer arrested him for evading arrest. My question is.... My son had no idea he could be arrested for just having a drink in his hand because he was not intoxicaded. He ran because he was scared he had lied about his age. He did stop and allowed the officer to catch up with him. He does not have a record and is a straight A student. What should he do? Never been in this situation before and can't afford to spend 4K on attorney fees. I know he messed up and he knows he messed up but would a judge actually lock up a kid for a year for this crime given the facts? Please help!

Asked almost 3 years ago in Criminal Defense

Norwood’s answer: Ill answer the last part of your question first. It is extremely unlikely that your son gets locked up for a year for this charge. With that being said, you need to hire an attorney to represent your son in this matter because this can effect him and if handled wrong can hurt him for ever. While I will admit that the facts surrounding this case seem weak at best that doesn't negate the fact that he is charged with a class A misdemeanor. Moving on to your title; the law applicable to the facts you provided is the following:

A person commits an offense if he intentionally flees from a person he knows is a peace officer or federal special investigator attempting lawfully to arrest or detain him.

There is an argument that can be made for your son and I suggest you speak to a competent attorney to further discuss your options. A competent attorney should be able to keep him out of jail and keep his record clean.

Lastly, if nothing else advise your son that running or hiding evidence from Officers typically isn't a good idea. It can increase or add to charges. In his particular case he went from a potential Class C misdemeanor which is only punishable by fine and wont show up on his record to a Class A misdemeanor (punishable by up to a year in jail and $4,000 fine)

Best of luck to you

Answered almost 3 years ago.