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Do I still need to respond to a TRO hearing if my divorce is settled before set date?: I was served with a petition for divorce, along with a TRO. My husband and I had come to terms and his lawyer is to prepare all our paperworks. Should I still get an attorney for myself and do I still need to appear for the TRO hearing if we finalized our divorce before set date? Thank you.

Asked 6 months ago in Uncontested Divorce

George’s answer: If the divorce decree is signed by the Judge before the hearing date...no you do not have to appear. If not yes.

Answered 6 months ago.

I have children with my husband but i gave my 2 sons another mans last name how can i go about changing their last name?: I just need to change my sons last name to my husband's name. My husband is their father but we were in a bad place and I was not planning on him being in their lives.

Asked 7 months ago in Family

George’s answer: If you were married at the time your husband is the presumed father. Check with the Bureau of Vital Statistics, it might be as simple as filing a form to change the name on the birth certificate.

Answered 7 months ago.

If I close my child support case , can a petition for modification take place by an outside party?: I allowed my brother to help me with my youngest child. We printed off a paper for temporary custody, now that I’m on my feet and want my child back he has filed a petition for modification to my child support case. My question is can I just end my case to get my other child. I have the other child

Asked 7 months ago in Child Custody

George’s answer: You can end your case but since he has filed for his relief then his can go forward. It does not end the case. Sounds like he wants to keep the child. You may be in a custody fight. You need to talk to a lawyer to go over the specifics.

Answered 7 months ago.