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Can a judge take my parental rights away and jail me for not giving my daughter to her dad when we are quarantine?: On quarantine for two weeks. Called court sent proof and called sheriffs etc to let know what's going. Judge said I still have to follow court order and give daughter to her dad or hell terminate my parental rights and jail. As it is her dad is blowing up my phone threatening the same thing saying I'm a danger to my daughter cuz we are quarantined right now and I'll never see my daughter again. New trial is may 29

Asked 3 months ago in Child Custody

Christopher’s answer: You have to comply with the court's existing court order. If you believe the child is unsafe in the other parent's household then you should file the appropriate motion with the court. Until then the existing order is the one you would follow. I doubt a judge actually said they would "terminate your parental rights" but may have said non compliance with the existing order would likely mean that you could be held in contempt of court and there is a possibility of being held in jail until you purged yourself of the contempt by allowing the other parent their court ordered time with the children.

Answered 2 months ago.

Do I have to file for a modification if my ex husband sends me a letter that he is moving and has changes to the parenting plan?: In our parenting plan/divorce decree is says that if we move we have to send certified letter, return receipt with info of move, reason for move, and proposed parenting plan change. If I do not agree to the proposed changes, do I have to file a modification or can I just send a letter stating I do not agree and we continue with the current court ordered parenting plan?

Asked over 3 years ago in Family

Christopher’s answer: Missouri statute 452.377 is the source you will need to look at to determine the rights and responsibilities of each parent.


Contact an attorney immediately to avoid missing any deadlines.

Answered over 3 years ago.

I have decided to get a divorce because of my husbands infidelity. What id my first step to get the process's started?: Together for 11years married for 4. We have two sons one is 4 and the other is 5months. He has cheated on me for what I know is twice now and their is a third time in question too. That is besides the point though. I want this to go as easy as possible for my children because it is not their fault and they should not suffer at all.

Asked over 4 years ago in Divorce

Christopher’s answer: Every couple is a little different, but I think overall it's good advice to contact a lawyer to discuss your options. If you and your husband can be civil towards one another and discuss matters in an adult fashion then it doesn't hurt to sit down and go through things as best as possible together. The lawyer will look out for your legal interests but you and the children's Father will be raising those children for a lifetime.

Answered over 4 years ago.