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If my child that was 3 was injured in a car accident and the insurance company said she had until 18 to file a case she is 16 : Wanting to know if my 16 year old can sue for an accident that happened when she was 3years old? We were told she had until she was 18 to make a claim since she was a minor. She got like 9 stitches in her face.

Asked 6 months ago in Personal Injury

David’s answer: She has until her 20th birthday, and it sounds like the value of the case will be driven by the severity of the scarring. Find a good lawyer.

Answered 6 months ago.

Is my employer allowed to use my FMLA time along with my workers comp time?: I was injured at work. Workers comp from employer is covering medical costs and paying me for time off after surgery. Employer states that my fmla and workers comp time will run concurrently in order to keep my benefits. Is this legal to do ? It is a work related injury. Not Family related. This is in the state of Illinois.

Asked 10 months ago in Workers Compensation

David’s answer: Yes, as long as that is your company’s policy and they require it for all employees, then it can run concurrently. Make sure to hire an experienced attorney to maximize the value of your case.

Answered 10 months ago.

Do I have to show up in court, if using a lawyer after a car accident (that was not my fault)?: I was hit by another driver from behind two weeks ago, while I was stopped at the red light. I had a concussion at first but the last few days I've been having severe neck pains, blurred vision and dizziness. I am thinking of using a lawyer. Do I have to show up in court if I proceed with a lawyer? Thank you.

Asked 10 months ago in Car Accident

David’s answer: Sorry to hear about the crash. If you’re referring to whether or not you need to show up in court for a traffic citation issued to the other driver, that is probably not necessary. However, if you’re referring to whether or not you may ultimately have to show up in court for your bodily injury case against the other driver, that is unlikely since most cases settle outside of court.

Answered 10 months ago.