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I was on bail and got caught w/ drugs. Should I have been arrested? It’s been 18 months and I just got 3 charges. case dropped??: I was out on bail 10/15/18, police searched my vehicle and found marijuana, two meth pipes, an open can of beer, and a bag of meth. No charges were filed that day, we weren’t told we’d have any charges, and we were free to go. me and my boyfriend did not admit to anything being ours besides the weed and alcohol being mine, but we kept silent about any meth related questions. 4/15/20 I checked my record online and saw a filed charge 18 months later for felony meth possession, misdemeanor THC possession, and bail jumping on the same case. I have court in 2 months.

Because I didn’t get arrested on 10/15/18 while being on bail and getting in trouble w/ drugs— does my case stand a chance at getting thrown out? Or dropped?


Asked 3 months ago in Criminal Defense

Jeffrey’s answer: The statute of limitations for a felony is six years. Therefore, the fact that 18 months passed before the charged you is not grounds for a motion to dismiss. The probable reason for the delay is that law enforcement was conducting a larger conspiracy investigation. If they arrested you and charged you, that would potentially blow the investigation because then the witnesses would have to be disclosed.

Answered 3 months ago.

What is ballpark sentence in WI for Cause Injury/OWI + Minor in vehicle Felony U, + Jump Bail Felony H/Resist Arrest Misd?: Friend crashed his car with young son inside, both mild injuries. Charged with Cause Injury/OWI with a minor under 16 in vehicle, Felony U.

He was released on bail but failed to attend the drug testing & other conditions. Warrant was issued and he was picked up and charged with Jumping Bail Felony H and Resisting Arrest Misd. Currently in custody.

Wondering about sentence.

Asked 4 months ago in DUI & DWI

Jeffrey’s answer: It is practically impossible to predict what a sentence might be this early in the case without any real information. The court's sentence depends upon: (1) what charge the defendant is convicted of; (2) the seriousness of the offense; (3) the defendant's criminal record; and, (4) the terms of a plea agreement, if any.

Answered 4 months ago.

I’m currently in a divorce. Spouse’s attorney threatening depositions, subpoenas and formal discovery for documents I don’t have: What can I do to defend against this? My spouse can easily obtain the documents from the agencies and had 6 months to do so before receiving threats from their attorney.

Asked 5 months ago in Divorce

Jeffrey’s answer: In any civil case, if one party is abusing the discovery process, then you should file a motion for a protective order. If judge is persuaded that the other party is, in fact, abusing the discovery process the court can order a number of sanctions. The most common sanction is that the discovery not be had.

Answered 5 months ago.