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My ex got the house in the divorce, will a new contract have to be done to get my name off the house?: Out divorce was final in July 2019. The house we bought together on contract while we were married was awarded to him. He has never done the quit claim deed to have my name removed. I am going to have an attorney complete one for me. Does this mean he will have to have our seller draw up a new contract with only his name on it?

Asked 4 months ago in Divorce

Michael’s answer: The attorney you hire will be able to give you the best advice.

Answered 4 months ago.

Is reasonable suspicion alone enough for my child to get a minor in possession of tobacco citation?: My daughter was in the bathroom w another student calming herself down after a spuedo seizure (anxiety related) . A student teacher came in an said "enough girls, put the vape away ". The student teacher used the restroom and left. Moments later my daughter was questioned by the principal if she was vaping. My daughter said no, the principal told her that he didn't believe her and she would be suspended for 3 days and referred for a minor in possession ticket. The police dept called and said I needed to come pick up my daughter's citation. No tobacco or vaping product was found on my child, is this enough for her to receive a legal citation? It is a 100 dollar fine, however, i believe my daughter when she says she wasn't vaping.

Asked 5 months ago in Criminal Defense

Michael’s answer: It’s enough for them to give her the ticket, but they may not have evidence to convict her. Your dilemma is that it would cost many times the $100 fine to defend her.

Answered 5 months ago.

Would rental income be considered income for child support purposes if all of it is applied to a mortgage payment? Is the mortga: Wanting to buy an investment property

Asked 5 months ago in Child Support

Michael’s answer: Hire an attorney to discuss ways to keep this out of child support calculations.

Answered 5 months ago.