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We are days away from closing on our first home and was told there was a 1800.00 judgmnt found from 10 years ago? What do we do: This is first time we have heard of the judgment

Asked 16 days ago in Real Estate

Marcus’s answer: You have not provided enough facts to give you "the answer". Relevant facts include: when did you acquire the property? Was the judgement lien already on it when you bought the property? If so you may have a good complaint against the people who sold it to you, or against your title insurance policy. Was the judgment entered against you? Is the property held in tenancy by the entireties? Is the judgment against just you or against you and a spouse? Do you dispute whether you owe the debt? Is the debt past the statute of limitations in your state? This may depend on what the underlying debt is for. You need an attorney to help you with this unless you just want to pay it off and move on. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy relief?

Answered 11 days ago.

Can I be charged late fees by HOA if I am in chapter 13 and HOA fees are paid through the plan on my behalf?: HOA has put a lien on my property for late fees and non payments even though I was in chapter 13 plan and the plan was paid in full. HOA claims that an outstanding balance is due, although the balance is really late fees that were charged while my account was in chapter 13, chapter 13 has been discharged

Asked 12 days ago in Chapter 13

Marcus’s answer: Go over this with your chapter 13 attorney. A careful analysis of the bills the HOA says were not paid, or were paid late, as compared to what was paid for in the plan will reveal who is right and who is wrong. If your chapter 13 case is over, I would expect to have to pay my lawyer for his or her time.

Answered 11 days ago.

Can a parent take away their 18 year old sons Xbox cords that he paid for and can they taze him for not do anything wrong?: My guy friend, he's 18, still in highschool but his patents are abusive plus he has a type of autism, okay so he paid for Xbox and everything, his mom thinks she can take it but he's 18 & he paid for it , she also threatens to taze him and has tried to, I've been on the phone and they tried to hit him and taze him, he has no where to go, nobody will hire him, he doesn't have any options right now, what can he do?.

Asked 11 days ago in Domestic Violence

Marcus’s answer: If you can live on your own move out and live on your own if you choose to not live with your parent's rules. If you are dependent, and have insufficient skills to live alone, reconsider your pride and whether it would be best to suck it up and conform. If the answer still is you cannot live there without the risk of it escalating to violence, then get ahold of the social services agencies in your city. See if you can be placed in a residential school or assisted living facility of some sort. They too will have rules for sure.

Answered 11 days ago.