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Can i sue my apartment manager for fraud?: I purchased a money order to pay my rent and put the money order in the office drop box.with the property name on it.then the next day i went to the office to see did she get it,she say she got it.then the next day im on my way out the door of my apartment ,i see a letter in front of the door.its say i haven't paid my rent.i quickly go to the office.and ask her why is this letter at my door.she say she didn't get my rent.i insantly pull the receipt out my wallet and show it to her.she tells me to trace the money order.so i did.and western union say.it been cashed on the 6th of november.i tell the manager,then she tells me she needs to see a picture.so i say why we have to go through all this because someone in this office cashed the money order.so i took a deep breath and decided to call the western union financial service.

Asked over 2 years ago in Landlord & Tenant

Ruchee’s answer: You should only pay rent by check or cashier's check, a money order is the equivalent of paying cash, there is only a record that you purchased the MO not that it was received by the intended entity - even though you fill it out and put a name/address/etc it's NOT the same as a check or cashier's check from a bank.
You can report theft to the police if you have reasonable belief that the someone in management office cashed MO and kept money. However, this will not resolve the issue between you and the landlord.

Answered over 2 years ago.

Can a lawyer go to court on my behalf to ask for a restricted DL while I pay off a 13 year old dui court fine? : I got a 1st offense dui in 2005 in Chattanooga,tn and I thought it was paid by my family back in 2006. I haven't needed a car since so I never knew i couldn't get one until I went to get one in Wisconsin and they informed me I still have to pay the fine in Tennessee that is now over $1000
Can an attorney go on my behalf to court in TN since I live in Wisconsin and request some type of restricted license or hardship license so I can drive to work, and start a payment plan? And how likely would I be approved for such a license? It's from 13 years ago and I honestly thought it was taken care of by my parents since I was younger and just starting college. I really need to have a license sooner, rather then later, so is this a possibility or something similar to get me on the road while i remedy the fines.
Also, caveat to this is I am moving to Florida temporarily for work in a month or two. But I will be still be a Wisconsin resident. Will the restricted license from Tennessee work for Wisconsin until I move to FL and eventually pay off the fine in accordance to the payment arrangement? Or can I get a restricted license from the state I'm resident of if i do payment arrangeme

Asked over 2 years ago in DUI & DWI

Ruchee’s answer: Without looking at your confidential case information, I can't tell you exactly what your options may be to resolve this situation, but you will benefit from contacting an attorney directly for representation. Normally, the right to drive is only suspended for 1 year, then you pay the reinstatement fee. Further, your probation officer typically requires you to pay off all fines and court costs by the end of the 1 year. Without seeing exactly why your DL continues to be suspended, I can't tell you if your presence would be waived.

Answered over 2 years ago.

Can owner take car at anytime?: i went to go purchase a car i had the income but proof of it so i needed a cosigner. the car salesman ended up not putting me on the vehicle so his name is the only name on it .the agreement was for both of our names to be on the car. i signed papers as well as he did. i pay for all of the repairs and the car notes and i also paid the down payment so can he come pick up the car whenever he is ready because its only in his name?

Asked over 2 years ago in Contracts

Ruchee’s answer: The finance agreement and ownership of vehicle are two different things. Regardless of who actually makes the payments, the names on the title/registration control ownership. Generally when you finance a vehicle, the finance company is "real owner" until all payments are made. Co-signer can't remove your name from title/registration without permission of the finance company.

Answered over 2 years ago.