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Can an attorney file a Final Judgment if he was unable to serve me?: There was a Final Judgment that was filed against me, I looked up the court docket at the county that it was filed in and it shows that a process server tried serving me at my current address couple of times but no one was there so they tried serving me at an old address a few times and was even told by the current owner that I no longer lived there. The attorney tried again to have me served at the Old address and then filed a Final Judgment against me. I was never aware of the company trying to sue me and I also made many attempts to contact the company which had my loan with but they never answer their phones. I will like to pay what I owe to this company to get it off my credit completely but the attorney wants me to pay for all of the fees attached.
What is my best option?

Asked 1 day ago in Lawsuits & Disputes

Eugene’s answer: Your best option is to hire a lawyer and to stop trying to figure it out yourself. You're in over your head.

Answered 1 day ago.

I recently took out a loan for an engagement ring. I cannot afford the payments and have questions.: I took out a loan through a company called Acima. It was for 3,000 dollars and was used to purchase an engagement ring. I recently was financially affected by Covid 19 and was unemployed for a while. I have a new job now but make less and cannot afford near the amount they are asking. They are not willing to negotiate monthly amounts or extend the life of the loan. What can I do? Can they sue me or will they send me to collections to where I can workout a deal and payments I can afford?

Asked 3 days ago in Debt Collection

Eugene’s answer: I moved your question to the debt collection section. If they won’t work out a more suitable repayment arrangement with you and you have other debt, you should consider bankruptcy. I would need a lot more details about your situation to advise you properly, but you have options.

Answered 3 days ago.

My boyfriend moved us to Florida me and my two children and one is disabled now he just wants to throw us out can he do that?: We have been here almost a year and the house he is buying is only in his name my kids have established School.. doctors.. the whole nine yards here and my son is disabled I have giving him money and I mean about every penny I have and now he just wants to throw us out when I have no home can he really do that...?? plus I put a $3,000 down payment on a car that's not in my name but only his and he won't even let me drive it.. can I get my money back anyway and are we fixing to be homeless??

Asked 3 days ago in General Practice

Eugene’s answer: Your b/f is a scumbag. But you have to start acting way smarter than you have been. Take your kids and get away from this loser ASAP. You have NO future with him. Good luck.

Answered 3 days ago.