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How can Nissan Motor Corp tell me I cant sell my leased car to any dealer except a Nissan dealership?: How can Nissan Motor Corp tell me I cant sell my leased car to any dealer except a Nissan dealership? Carmax has offered to buy my Nissan Rogue and the amount would pay off my loan completely but Nissan told me yesterday I was a day to late. They decided that day to not let Nissan owners sell their cars to any dealership except a Nissan dealership. How is this legal? Obviously this is not in my Lease contract since they just decided this 2 days ago. I have owned the car for 2 years. Is it legal for them to tell me I can only sell my car to a Nissan dealership? I would love to take Carmax offer. Is there anything I can do? This sounds like a class action lawsuit to me against Nissan.

Asked 3 days ago in Debt Agreements

Linda’s answer: If you pay off your balance, you own this vehicle. How can they stop you from selling your car is mind-boggling. You may want to ask the representative to give you a copy of their brand new policy and consult a business lawyer.

Answered 2 days ago.

If I'm required/mandatory to be oncall for cardiac emergencies, should my hospital provide reliable cell phone or beeper service: My cellphone has miss calls from the hospital. I then purchased a new phone and new cell phone number.
I still missed calls, my cell phone didn't ring.
Everytime I missed a call, I am getting sent to HR and getting written up.
Should I be held responsible or should the hospital provide either another cellphone provider or a beeper?
Really need help here. Do I have a case?
Also. I have been working in my area of expertise for over 30yrs. I never had an issue like this..

Asked 2 days ago in Employment

Linda’s answer: Although it is reasonable for hospital to provide reasonable means for doctors to be on calls, they may have offered different considerations in exchange for your responsibility to secure a reliable cell phone service. Reviewing your employment contract is the only way to find out.

Answered 2 days ago.

What are my rights or options : I left the employ of a large company on March 2 of this year now I received an email from their HR director stating that I owe them money for an alleged overpayment of salary

Asked 4 days ago in Employment

Linda’s answer: The fact you left does not mean your employer does not have right to seek payback for overpayment made in the past.

Answered 4 days ago.