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Will a 17 year old be charged and put on the sex offender registery for getting a 15 year old girl pregnant but consentually?: The boy and girl were in a serious relationship, decided to have sex one time and she sadly got pregnant. She was not forced. There were no drugs involved. And the boy has no issues previous to the pregnancy regarding any other young girls and sexual conduct with them. If he will get automatically charged, is there a way he could get out of it? Because she wants to keep the baby but not if it will ruin his future and life in the process.

Asked almost 3 years ago in Sex Crime

Jessica’s answer: I generally agree with my colleagues. However, I need more details to fully understand the situation. When you ask if he will be automatically charged- who is reporting him? I feel you need detailed advice as soon as possible.

Answered almost 3 years ago.

Hypothetically, if 2 have been doing business with someone I now believe is a CI other than Cut and Run what else should I do?: After watching a case on TV I thought......
After both parties had sold and shared illicit substances (heroin, methamphetamine), one-party learned enough about the other 2 look up his past, finding multiple level 7 or higher felony drug convictions but no prison time. One Trafficking in mdma 10-200g, he received probation, then violated 3 times, the last time resulting in catching a 1st and 2 3rd degree felonies (pos w/ intent,leaving the scene of w/ bodily injury) his probation was terminated still no prison this all happened in Fl. I didn't catch the ending of the show but I personally believed the snitch aspect. Do any lawyers think he was snitching? And what could he have done to protect himself from what he'd already done?

Asked over 3 years ago in Criminal Defense

Jessica’s answer: You should hire a criminal defense attorney for some confidential advice.

Answered over 3 years ago.

New felony charge: i am worried bc i have had violent charges years ago i served 12 years and served my time got out in 2012 and got mayb 2misdemenor since 2012 and now face a 2nd degree felony intnt to sell cocain charge and with 2 misdemenors . this is my 1st drug charge my priors have been violent gun charges. what do you think i should do or will be my outcome? what will happen and the steps with this court proceeding i havent even received a court date asnd its been past 2 months . my charge now its bad but my priors have been worse

Asked almost 4 years ago in Criminal Defense

Jessica’s answer: You need an attorney to investigate these new charges ASAP.

Answered almost 4 years ago.