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Can I apply for residency on 08/25/2020 or do I have to wait until 05/10/2020 after Immigration court to apply for my residence?: I am a Cuban immigrant who, upon entering the border, was detained and later released and received a Paroled dated 08/25/2019.
On August 25, 2020 I will be one year and one day after my last entry to the US and having received a Parole dated August 25, 2019, so I would like to apply for US residence through the Law of Cuban adjustment, but I have an appointment for the Immigration court for October 5, 2020. Please, what should I do?

Asked 7 days ago in Immigration

Carlos’s answer: You can apply under the Cuban Adjusment Act with USCIS on August 25, 2020 (i.e. a year and one day after you were paroled), because since you are an arriving alien by virtue of been paroled USCIS has jurisdiction over this case. After you have filed your adjustment you should request the judge to continue your case to allow USCIS to adjudicate your application for adjustment of status.

Answered 7 days ago.

If someone is from Venezuela and trying to become resident and are married, are they forced to stay in an abusive marriage??: My daughter in law is married and living with my alcoholic abusive son but she is afraid to leave as it will affect her immigration status. what are the rules about a situation such as this. It is not healthy life but she is from Venezuela and that is not a good place to be either. what are her options? She can come to be and I will sponser her.

Asked 23 days ago in Immigration

Carlos’s answer: There are options for victims of abuse to obtain a green card based on the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), in which she will be able to leave the abusive relationship and still be able to seek a legal permanent residence. She should consult with an experienced immigration lawyer to evaluate the merits of her case.

Answered 23 days ago.

Relocation money: Hi, I had to resign after 6 months of working for a company, which paid me relocation money, according the the initial agreement if I resign less than a year of the employee's date of hire" I am obligated to pay the original amount minus 500$ for each month I worked. Now after a few months they are requesting the original relocation money plus the commissions they paid 3rd party for relocation. I am currently unemployed. I can offer them to work for few months instead of paying. I am not going to accept this amount which is way more than the amount they paid for relocation.

Asked 25 days ago in Employment

Carlos’s answer: They have to go by the terms on the agreement, and they cannot add payments that were not already included there. It would be necessary to review the agreement to have a better idea of its terms.

Answered 23 days ago.