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Our child's mother has become unemployed and fell behind in arrears. Can we come to an agreement on our own?: She stated it would be easier to pay quarterly, rather than monthly because of the nature of her business she started recently. I don't want her to get her licenses suspended simply because she is going through a financial hardship. Would the court sign off on a modification if we both agree to quarterly payments instead of monthly? She's well within her rights for a modification as well, but does it matter if she quit her job or if she was fired? Are there any stipulations we can put to lift the temporary relief once her business is better and she can handle the payments?

Asked almost 4 years ago in Child Support

Victoria’s answer: Yes you two are able to reach an agreement; however, a judge may not sign off on quarterly payments. Also, it does make a difference if she quit or was fired. If someone is voluntarily underemploying themselves they may not actually be entitled to a modification. Please contact an attorney. My office would be more than happy to speak with you.

Answered almost 4 years ago.

What should I do and is there an economical quick way to divorce?: I'm currently married to a recently separated airmen who has been in and out of work since separating in January of this year. Currently he is working to my knowledge. We have no kids or assets together.
After marriage, nothing changed. He continued to want to live separately for almost 3 years (he got extra BAH. We decided to get a place together. He signed a lease with me. Stayed for a month and then moved out to his parents house for reasons I don't believe are true. He has a history of asking me to buy him things with promises to pay me back but never does. Now he's refusing to help with an expensive lease we signed together claiming he has no money yet he is working and paying his car payment/insurance/etc.
I'm over it and would like a divorce. I want him to be enforced to pay his part of the rent.
Unfortunately, I recently went into contract to build a new house to be completed at the end of this year. I understand it's poor timing with a possible divorce looming over my head but I can't stay in this lease another year by myself and can't afford to waste money moving to another apt that is temporary. How do I keep him from having any rights to it if he even has any at all?

Asked almost 4 years ago in Divorce

Victoria’s answer: You need to file for a divorce immediately. You take a risk that even if this is something you did after the separation that he could still be entitled to a piece of it being the case is not filed yet. Please talk to an attorney ASAP. My firm has an office in Orlando and Tampa. Please feel free to call us and we can answer your questions.

Answered almost 4 years ago.

Pickup and drop off agreement: I have a mediation agreement with a patenting plan. The mother has picked up our daughter twice when it was my schedule time to have her. She hasn't let me have the time that was granted to me. I filed a motion for contempt what's the that the judge will grant it.

Asked almost 4 years ago in Child Custody

Victoria’s answer: With contempt issues you have to prove there was a violation and that it was willful. You have to make sure you go to the hearing prepared sign your evidence to prove your allegations. You also want to make sure you make the correct requests in the motion for sanctions. I would suggest speaking with an attorney. My office is more than happy to speak with you at no charge.

Answered almost 4 years ago.