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HORRIBLE CO-PARENTING?: I am currently seeking a new attorney and my pending divorce is entering year four. I am phasing major issues with the mother of my children. Every single conversation ends up In a HUGE argument. It’s a true night mare co-parenting with her, I also feel as the stress is affecting my mental health. What can I do ?

Asked about 2 months ago in Child Custody

Kirsten’s answer: You mention you are looking for a new attorney, and that is a great first step. When you consult with one, ask also about parenting coordinators. These are either mental health providers, attorneys, or other professionals who have been specifically trained in helping parents - both parents - learn to co-parent in high conflict cases. They are used more in some areas of Florida than others, but can be very helpful in working through co-parenting issues. Good Luck.

Answered about 2 months ago.

Child custody agreement during covid-19?: We have a 14 year old daughter and school for us ends this month. Her father lives in Texas and I live in Florida. I sent him a text asking what arrangements can we both make to ensure our daughter is safe. Example travel arrangements (I don't want her on a plane), as well as what changes have they made in their home since his wife is a physician assistant. I also asked about summer arrangements since he is a truck driver and the original plan was that she would go to camp. He hasn't responded. I sent a follow-up message a week later asking for his input and still no response. What can I do if he refuses to communicate? Im ok with her going for the summer but would really like a plan so that I feel our daughter is protected.

Asked 2 months ago in Child Custody

Kirsten’s answer: It is completely reasonable for you to want to have specific plans in place for any summer visit, but especially when so many things are in flux. I agree the best thing right now is to assume you will have to follow whatever is in the current order - so you may need to look at your parenting plan on the specifics of how travel was to be arranged and be ready to just adhere to that - because you do not want to end up in front of the court on a violation of the order.
Reach out to a local attorney for suggestions on options for assistance. Even a phone call to the father from an attorney might help, or you may need to file a motion. Either way, good luck and keep trying to set up reasonable plans!

Answered 2 months ago.