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Is there a dealine for the lawyer to file a motion of appearance to the court ? If it is, how many days from the court date?: My ex has filed a motion to modify a custody order. The hearing is due on April 26th 2016. I hired a lawyer..

Asked about 4 years ago in Family

Leslie’s answer: An attorney can file a notice of appearance at any time, there is no deadline.

Answered about 4 years ago.

Can this attorney request the hearing date to be postponed? Will this attorney have to notify the court that he/she represents?: My ex filed a motion to modify the child custody of a NC order. The hearing is due on the April 27th.

Since I live out of state, I am planning to hire a family law attorney,.

Asked about 4 years ago in Family

Leslie’s answer: If your case is in Johnston County and it is set for April 27th, then it has probably already been put on the Red or Blue Calendar, although if this was recently filed, that would seem unusual for it to be so quick. If you have just learned of this hearing and it is just over a week away, then you may be able to continue the hearing to allow you the opportunity to hire an attorney. The motion to continue will be in the judge's discretion although again if you have just learned of the hearing and need time to hire an attorney, she may be inclined to grant the continuance. In addition, your attorney may be able to speak with the attorney representing your ex and agree on a new court date and consent to the continuance.

Best of Luck!

Answered about 4 years ago.

Round number of 95K gross yearly income. What must I pay in maintenance & child support each month?.: I'm a married male age 48 & my wife is 45. I am retired and do not work either does my wife. We are married 19.5 years and things have soured. I am aware that I will have to pay maintenance as well as paying for 2 out of 3 kids ages 9 and 14. The oldest is 19. I have a big debt consolidation loan $830 a month. We have a house with a mortgage.

Asked over 4 years ago in Family

Leslie’s answer: NC has child support guideline amounts and while there may be circumstances to deviate up (due to the special needs or expenses of your children for example) it is less likely that the court would deviate down, at least in my experience, however as the other attorney mentioned, you may be able to enter into an agreement with your spouse regarding a reasonable amount. One of the most important pieces of information in determining child support is what the custodial relationship will be. Is Mom going to have primary custody? Are you going to share custody? In addition, the child support calculator factors in payments made for health insurance premiums as well as work related child care costs if any. I will provide you with the link below, but if it doesn't work, google "nc child support calculator" and click the link associated with nccourts.org and it will direct you to the web site where you can put your information in and get an idea of what your child support would be for your two children.

With regards to paying support to your wife, there are no guidelines there and more information would be needed to give you an idea of what if any support you would need to pay to your wife and for how long. Probably the best thing to do would be to schedule an initial consultation with an attorney to talk through the details of your situation and see how they can help you.

Best of Luck!!

Answered over 4 years ago.