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Daughter charged with disorderly conduct due to fight in school?: My 15 year old daughter was engaged in a fight with another girl in school in September. Both girls pleaded not guilty.
The other girl obtained a lawyer , is this nessassary?
The girl approached my daughter, my daughter walked away, the girl pushed her with her chest, my daughter turned around and punched her in defense.
I have requested the school for a copy of this fight which caught on camera however they have not responded to my request.
Can it be defended without an attorney?

Asked over 1 year ago in Juvenile

Joseph’s answer: A Disorderly Conduct charged can be filed as a summary offense at the magistrate where the most likely outcome is merely a fine. However, it can also rise to the level of a misdemeanor which would have to work its way through the Juvenile Court system. It is always better to obtain experienced counsel to handle your case. Good luck!

Answered over 1 year ago.

When can I sue BCCYS?: Berks county children and youth services have placed my children in foster care and its been about 5 months now without them. I and my baby dad has been following all there recommendations and been cooperating with BCCYS. During the time we been involved with them they have made us get evaluations done and do parent classes. During the recommendations for domestic violence and mental health they have made the results come back as bad and untrue putting things in the reports that were not said or hardly put in what was said. The reports were making everything sound bad so they dont have to give our children back. As for domestic violence there is no violence in the home but they are accusing there is and saying that I said things which were not true and there trying to force myself to get a PFA on my baby dad. They then told us we will not be getting our kids back because they are accusing on domestic violence in the home. They been judging our appearance and they are acting like they know everything about us which they are making things up and making us look like we have problems. I need advice on what I can use or sue BCCYS with. Please help.

Asked over 1 year ago in Child Custody

Joseph’s answer: As the parents in Juvenile Dependency case you are entitled to free legal counsel (if you qualify) to help you to address these issues. I would assume from your story that you probably already have counsel and that you are not satisfied with his/her performance as your attorney. If you do not have an attorney, then apply for one. If you are dissatisfied with your counsel, you can request the court to appoint a different attorney, but the court is not required to do so. Filing suit against an agency like BCCYS rarely has any effect on these types of cases. However, if the conduct is really eggregious or intentional malfeasance, then you could possibly have a case. Good luck!

Answered over 1 year ago.

Can a cop? Follow you for 2 miles then come to your house 2 mins later keys not in ignition: I was followed by a cop for two miles the got to my house sat there for 2 min then I was standing in my drive way the pull in tell me to get in my car and the proced to yell at me cuff me and charged me with a DUI when I was on my property what can I do to defend my rights

Asked over 1 year ago in DUI & DWI

Joseph’s answer: You need to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area. From your version of the facts, it seems like the cop was following you, and then turned around and came back to make the stop for suspected DUI. The fact that you were in your driveway doesn't really matter. The fact that you were outside the vehicle when he came back may help you if you try to argue that you weren't the one driving. However, if the delay between your driving and when he arrived back at your house will propably be a big factor in asserting that type of defnse. Good luck!

Answered over 1 year ago.