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Is all medical info in a personal injury case must be submitted to carrier of adjester at the filing of suit?: Trip and fall as passerby in nyc there were mistakes in some medical and hospital reports and since there is a prexsting injury I was concerned about a mistake being a sticking point in my trip fall case.

Asked about 3 years ago in Slip and Fall

Michael’s answer: Good morning. The answer is NO - the medical records SHOULD be submitted to the carrier before the litigation in order to allow for an opportunity to resolve the case prior to lawsuit. However, the suit can be filed without having sent 100% of the meds to adjuster. I would get the meds first, see where the mistakes are, discuss the mistakes with the treating doctors and then deal with the insurance carrier. Make sure to watch for the applicable statute of limitations. Good luck !

Answered about 3 years ago.

Can I file bankruptcy for just medical bills?: I'm on total disability and have bills piling up. I'm catching up on loans from the credit union but my medical bills are still behind and am getting late charges. Does filing bankruptcy hurt my standings at the credit union and what happens to charging in the future? Thanks

Asked about 4 years ago in Bankruptcy

Michael’s answer: When you are seeking bankruptcy protection, you will have to list all of your debts. And yes, as a result of your filing, your credit might be shut down by the lending institutions, at least for sometime. I suggest you retain an attorney and try to negotiate with the medical providers with respect to their billing. Good luck!

Answered about 4 years ago.

Can employee, registering agent of a management company, serve process for company which is employer of the management company?: Hello,
Pursuant to CPLR 311(a) personal service upon any domestic corporation shall be made by servicing “any ... agent authorized by appointment or by law to receive service. A business corporation may ... be served pursuant to section three hundred six ... of the business corporation law." According to BCL 306(a): "service of process on a registered agent may be made in the manner provided by law for the service of a summons, as if the registered agent was a defendant." Pursuant to Entity Information (DOS id 3124983) Roman Kalika, CEO of Dependable Property Management Inc (DPM), is Registered Agent. By contract the DPM is managing company of the Co-op. There is no other documentation about service of process for the Co-op.
Could you please tell me if Roman Kalika has a right to serve process for the Co-op, or he can serve process for DPM only?

Asked about 4 years ago in Litigation

Michael’s answer: You should serve the corp via Secretary of State. Hire a professional process server and let them do it correctly. Good luck.

Answered about 4 years ago.