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Are children responsible for parents debt after they Pass?: I would like to know if my children can be held responsible for my C/C or Loan debt when I die. And is there anything legally that I can do now to insure they are not harassed by my creditors after my death. I have never had a co-signer. Never owned a House. Thank You.

Asked over 1 year ago in Probate

Evelina’s answer: If your children are not co-signers or joint owners, they are not responsible for your debts when you pass. Solely owned debts may pass through your estate, and your estate may be responsible to pay your debts.

Answered over 1 year ago.

I was wondering if I have a suitable case?: I was driving down main st in Willimantic, CT where I work, and another driver from the opposite lane came into my lane and hit me head on. When I collected myself I immediately called 911 to inform the police what had just happened. The other driver drove down the road a bit and next pulled to side. I have had no contact with him the police handled everything. I was very traumatized, and had a difficult time collecting myself. I was asked if I needed a ambulance, I signed off at this time, but since my leg is hurting and i will be going to the ER I hope later today if I can get a ride. My vehicle was towed and looks like it could be totaled. I just paid this car off last month.

Asked over 3 years ago in Car Accident

Evelina’s answer: From the information you have provided you do have a case. I would recommend having a consult with an attorney and their first step would be to settle with the other driver's insurance company within the statute of limitations, if that can not happen then suit would be filed. As mentioned the police report should have other driver's information. Its a good idea to now keep a log of what happened and document your pain. Please seek medical attention, as now that your adrenaline has passed you may start feeling more pain.
In regards to your vehicle, you can contact your insurance if you need a car right away or once you consult with an attorney, contact other driver's insurance for the property damage claim. Good Luck.

Answered over 3 years ago.