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Darl C. Gleed

Darl Gleed’s Legal Guides

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  • Hawaii's New Statutory Power of Attorney Law

    Summarizes the features of Act 22 signed into law in Hawaii on April 22, 2014, revamping Hawaii's power of attorney law and allowing for a statutory form Power of Attorney Scope of New Law Act 22 was

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    Let's say a person dies in Hawaii and that person has only a $50,000 bank account in his or her sole name. Will a court probate or intestate administration need to be pursued to obtain those funds? The answer is generally "no." This is because there is a threshold before court ...

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  • New Hawaii Law Extends Tenants By The Entirety Protection to Trusts

    Effective July 2012 a married couple (or reciprocal beneficiaries) who transfer property held asTenants by the Entirety into their revocable trusts will continue to have the same asset protection they maintained holding the property as Tenants by the Entirety ownership. For tho...

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  • Hawaii's (New) Transfer on Death Deed

    Hawaii passed the Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act, effective as of July 1, 2011. This creates a method whereby a property owner may record a Transfer on Death Deed ("TODD"), leaving the property to beneficiaries designated in that instrument upon the death of the owne...

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  • Preparation and Recording of Deeds in Hawaii

    Many individuals and attorneys outside of Hawaii become frustrated and confused when dealing with transfers of Hawaii real property. This is because Hawaii real property descriptions and recording requirements are like no other state's documents and systems. Hawaii real propertie...

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  • Hawaii's Acknowledgment of Authority Proceeding (In Lieu of Ancillary Probate)

    Obtain Certified Copy of Letters Provide Hawaii counsel with a certified copy of the Letters of Administration or the Letters Testamentary from the domiciliary probate/administration proceedings. If

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