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Daniel S Gonzales

Daniel Gonzales’s Legal Guides

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  • New California Common Interest Development Law

    Commercial common interest developments in California are no longer being burdened by many of procedural rules put in place to protect condominium residents under the Davis-Stirling Common Interest De

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  • A buyer’s checklist for evaluating commercial real estate

    Now that you've decided to invest in commercial real estate, make sure that your intended purchase is as golden as it seems and no hidden pitfalls lurk beneath its shiny exterior. An investment that looks lucrative can hide serious deficiencies that can make the difference betwee...

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  • Property owners, contractors and suppliers, don't run afoul of new mechanic's lien requirements

    Are you are a contractor, supplier or property owner in California? You need to be aware of two recent changes to Californias mechanics lien law affecting the procedures followed by those providing services and materials for works of improvement on private property to be able to ...

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  • Unsuspected limits on the home mortgage interest deduction

    One of the most popular and well-known advantages of home ownership is thehome mortgage interest income tax deduction. Less well known, however, arethe limitations placed on this deduction. In Silicon Valley, where homevalues and the mortgages used to acquire those homes are sign...

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  • How to lower your real property tax assessment--at least for now

    "Summer's here, and the time is right for..." Dancing in the streets? So the song says, but theres something else:Real property tax assessment appeals. If you own real estate, you may already be thinking about this subject as the result of a mailing you will have received from...

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