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John Wood Bussman

John Bussman’s Legal Guides

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  • New CA Law Will Allow Many Defendants to Avoid a Criminal Record

    CA recently expanded access to diversion programs so that most misdemeanors now qualify. Upon completion of diversion, all charges will be dismissed and the record of the arrest completely sealed from

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  • Expungements in California: Everything You Need to Know, Plus Some Stuff That You Don't

    This guide will briefly explain the nuts and bolts of expungements in California -- what they can (and can't) do for you, when to apply, an outline of the process and a few helpful tips. What does an

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  • I Got Arrested for Shoplifting, Now What?

    Shoplifting is one of the most commonly charged offenses in California, with a huge range of possible penalties. I wrote the following legal guide to help answer some of the questions that I receive every day on the topic. This should not be considered a complete treatise on the ...

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  • Quick Summary of Miranda Rights

    I have prepared a very brief explaination of Miranda rights in response to the many, many questions I receive on the subject every day. This summary is just that... a summary. It should not be construed as a complete, definitive guide on the subject and should not be cited for ac...

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